Wednesday, 17 December 2014

EVO 2015, coming soon!


The Electronic Village Online, a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section, has been offering free online professional development sessions to language teachers worldwide for over ten years now.

January 2015 is bringing a new EVO Call, Electronic Village Online 2015.

This year, there is an offer of 13 incredible five-week sessions on a wide range of topics, including teaching pronunciation, international writing, using Moodle, creating electronic textbooks, flipped learning, making Machinima in Second Life, using Minecraft to teach English, and a lot more.

For the first time in my professional career I will be co-moderating three EVO sessions from January 12 to February 15, hand in hand with a fabulous team of educational leaders, all of them an inspiration for any ESL teacher, and thanks to Shelly Terrell and Dr. Nellie Deutsch, both of whom contacted me and opened a wide new gate towards online development before me.

My sincere gratitude to Shelly and Dr. Deutsch, to our EVO Mentors, our TESOL sponsors and to Nina Liakos, EVO Lead Coordinator.

I am nervously looking forward to starting it all but extremely full of joy to be part of it all too. Do not miss the chance to join these sessions:

Creating eTextbooks

International Writing Exchange

Moodle For Teachers

For a complete list of sessions and abstracts, visit the Call for Participation.

Registration for the sessions will take place from January 5 - January 11, 2015.
The sessions begin on January 12 and continue until February 15. To register for a session, follow the instructions on the corresponding session's page.

EVO sessions are free and open to everybody who wants to join; you don't need to be a TESOL member.

Put January 5 - 11 on your agenda and register for EVO 2015. Follow #evosessions and stay tuned for an awesome online experience! Do not miss it!
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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Recording of Flip, Blend and Wrap it all up! is ready now

Last 1 December, my peer Billy J. Ramos, @somar0209, and myself copresented together the third live session of the series entitled The EduPower of Blended Learning at WizIQ.

In this last session, we gave tips about surviving through face-to-face lessons, combined with a virtual classroom at Edu 2.0, and through collaborative project blogging challenges.

For those of you who could not attend live, here you are the recording ready now:

We are looking forward to gaining your feedback and reading your comments!
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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The World is my audience


As you all know by now, the Twima Project has been going on  for a few months, along the last term.
In previous entries here, we have been following it step by step, from scratch to its web launch, until now, when it comes to its end with a wonderful collaborative iBook compiled with the contribution of more than 170 writers from all around the world, being smoothly coordinated by @theipodtecher, who was the one coming up with this wonderful globally connected idea.

Our contribution to #twima from Spain comes hand in hand with the online teacher training course 'Digital Storytelling For Teachers', run by INTEF, and hosted by an awesome team of instructors, who encouraged and fostered their trainees to play a part in a collaborative chain story, which has now gone global. I sincerely thank them for that!

A chain story is an easy way to have students learn vocabulary and work with their friends to create a collaborative story. In a chain story, the teacher begins the story, student A continues the story, student B continues where A stopped, and so on.  The students have to listen to each other and understand each other so that the story makes sense and flows.
For this activity, trainnees contributed to a collaborative web chain story, using an online tool, Padlet. This tool allows you to click on the web wall and add text, images, videos, and more. Trainees did not have to register, but they were kindly asked to include their name. Of course, they can contribute on any mobile device with internet access or on the web.
We had over a hundreed online course participants, divided into five groups, to whom we provided the same beginning of a chain poem, and whose chained outcome can be read at the different group poems below:
To contribute to the poem, our trainees had to read the entire story up to the last post, contribute with a chunk that made sense and continued the flow of the poem as well as being related to the previous post, and adding multimedia elements to accompany their part of the poem, but involving an added snag: their contribution should be at least 100 words long.
The collaborative poems that they have come up with are now part of the #twima iBook The World Is My Audience, live at iTunes, free to download on all iOS devices and Macs.

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Practise your English pronunciation while you watch TV shows

, offers you the possibility to improve English pronunciation and patterns of intonation with your favourite phrases out of famous scenes of TV shows and movies.

Just key in the phrase or chunk of text you would like to practise and the tool will come back to you with the bits where the phrase was uttered by various actors and actresses at various films or TV shows. You will then be ready to drill the phrase as if it were a karaoke machine, as the phrase rolls down, highlighted below the sliding scenes out of which it has been singled out.

Quite a dynamic enjoyable way to keep your English intonation and pronunciation up. Enjoy it!

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Flip, Blend and Wrap it all up!

Join us for this free live session at WizIQ on Monday 1 December, at 6pm GMT+1

The experience about blended learning we would like to share with you all in this live session entitled 'Flip, Blend and Wrap it all up!' is a range of learning challenges that we have accomplished flipping and blending lessons and breainstorming with you about your own e-learning challenges, how to set them up step by step, and offering tips on digital tools and digital assessment.

This is the third live session of the series entitled 'The EduPower of Blended Learning', a self-training online course in order to get ready for the Teachers Micro Teaching in Pairs series on WizIQ, hosted by Dr. Nellie Deutsch.

This live session is co-presented by @mjgsm and @somar0209.
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Thursday, 27 November 2014


Almost getting to the end of this Student Blogging Challenge 2014, and it is time to be proud, spread the word and show off!

Don't hesitate it and go for the latest proposal of activities. Be happily succesful, and help heal the world!

Proud to be a Mentor for this Challenge!

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Shape Your Online Classroom & Blend it with Hands-on Projects

Join us for this free live session at WizIQ on Monday 24 November, at 6pm GMT+1

The session entitled 'Shape Your Online Classroom & Blend it with Hands-on Projects' is aiming at sharing tips with online teachers about how to set up a virtual classroom using Edu 2.0, combine it with learning challenges, team e-projects and collaborative classroom blog.

This is the second live session of the series entitled 'The EduPower of Blended Learning', a self-training online course in order to get ready for the Teachers Micro Teaching in Pairs series on WizIQ, hosted by Dr. Nellie Deutsch

This live session is co-presented by @mjgsm and @somar0209.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

17 November, #ConchitaForever

Lucky @blogmaniacos is retiring. Awesome!

Green with envy, I just wanted to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing so much and doing it so humblily well!

Now, my own humble tribute to you. So many sweet memories every time you have generously agreed to come to this blog and such good virtual mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights that I have summarised for you in the list below.

Video Conference with Blogmaníacos

Support Learning with an App

¿Por qué corren?

The Sunshine Award

A Mobile Library for Blogmaníacos

Blogmaníacos' answers for BookMe-Library - And #2 - And #3

E-students connecting and creating

But there is much more behind, and you know there is.

Even I have never met you in person, I have always dragged you into my English world, and you have never said no, never complained, but rather the opposite; you have always jumped into it peacefully, quietly, smoothly, patiently, making my students and myself feel that we were important for you, that we were part of The Blogmaníacos Experience, graduation included.

I will never forget my graduation day at Blogmaníacos, never ever and that is why, not only today but for the rest of my life, I will be a fan of Conchita and Blogmaníacos, Forever!

Please, enjoy your retirement. And meanwhile, you know what: this is in English. As usual, your turn to translate. LOL.

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Student Blogging Challenge: Weeks 7 and 8


Week 7: Let’s talk schooling

Go for it and be part of the GlobalEdCon taking place from 17 to 24 November 2014!

Week 8: Game and nominate

Please read the game rules carefully at the link above. Then, nominate once again before reaching the week before last for the challenge.

Have blogging fun!

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Blend, Flip & Boost Your Teaching Online

Recording of the free live session by The EduPower Couple! at Wiziq on November 3 2014, as part of their public training for Teachers Micro Teaching in Pairs.

Thanks ever so much to all those who attended and shared with us!
Please join us for upcoming events,

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