Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Student Blogging 2015 Challenge - Week 6


Connecting 2015 #ictclil_urjc and 2015 Student Blogging Challenge is landing on week 6. The activities for this mission are about working and then playing.

Please check the Student Blogging Challenge 2015 main page and surf the activities your mentees should be accomplishing.

Read the flipboard magazine to visit bloggers who are writing great posts and are then leaving comments on Miss W’s challenge posts. Students with Edublogs free blogs can’t have posts flipped into the magazine, so they are being mentioned on each week’s posts instead.

View my Flipboard Magazine.
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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A potential cover 4 #twima2

As you are bound to have guessed by now, the ictclil_urjc bunch of pre-service teachers attending the Master's Degree Module for The use of ICT & Digital Resources in Primary Bilingual Ed. URJC. 2015 Edition, are connecting with collaborative projects worldwide, and one of them is our much appreciated #twima2.

Stage 1 is finished and we are now diving deeply into Stage 2 to build multimedia artifacts while interpreting other collaborators' dreams.

On top of that, the collaborative iBook we are all helping to produce and publish is so far, 25 chapters and 630 pages of brilliant dreams written/illustrated by over 90 classes worldwide, and it needs a cover, doesn't it?

Well, our talented @MartaLFabero28 has come up with a sweet potential cover for #twima2 which we are proudly presenting right now:

Everybody in class and myself are keeping our fingers crossed for Marta's cover to be singled out as the final one.

Good luck, Marta!
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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

CLIL e-Publications for Bilingual Primary Education

After facing challenges, going on learning missions, sorting out new teaching scenarios brought up by a tornado blowing textbooks away, and 3 months of amazing hands-on work at the Master's Degree Module for The use of ICT & Digital Resources in Primary Bilingual URJC - 2015 Edition, now it is time to proudly introduce the CLIL showcases this bunch of 26 pre-service e-teachers have just designed and opened up to the world, their e-publications for Primary Bilingual kids:

This is just the visual tip of a full schedule of missions that they have had to craft in order to reach this turning point, which will soon be hopefully extended into an open challenging engaging digital publication for Primary Education learners and teachers.

To land on this creative stage after the tornado, the pre-service teachers, now turned into e-authors, have climbed up quite a wide variety of stepping stones. They have:

  • brainstormed together about how to rise to the challenge of teaching with no paper textbooks; 
  • surfed other ebooks, designed by other teachers worldwide who have already made the decision of designing their own digital teaching materials,  and evaluated them;
  • improved their digital literacy by attending the Spring Blog Festival 2015 live sessions, where over a dozen educational leaders inspired them to go ahead in their ordeal;
  • started curating their own resources, ideas and tips so as to gather information, ready to include if necessary when publishing their digital outcomes;

Of course, their outcomes are in progress, but I wanted to share their work with you all, as I think their effort is worth it and they all deserve your staying tuned for upcoming episodes, as there are more challenges knocking on their doors which will sooner than later be real, and that make, from my viewpoint, nice evidence that innovating is a must when educating.

Meanwhile, suscribe to #ictclil_urjc and don't miss it!

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Mindmapping CLIL e-publications

Mindmapping CLIL e-publications for Bilingual Primary Education

Mapping out ideas and presentations online and on pieces of papers, notebooks and so forth are good ways to visualise an ebook or any other kind of project up to the end.

This board gathers the collection of mindmaps a group of 27 pre-service teachers at URJC in Madrid have designed as outlines of their open e-publications for CLIL teaching in Primary Education.

Suscribe to their Twitter list and stay tuned for #ictclil_urjc news and outcomes!

Follow Mª Jesús's board Mindmapping CLIL e-publications for Bilingual Primary Education on Pinterest.
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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Infographics 4 CLIL e-Publications

Before designing any kind of ebook, it should be outlined and drafted. Building an infographic is a visual way to draft a skeleton.

This board gathers the educational infographics designed by the pre-service CLIL Primary teachers at #ictclil_urjc 2015 Edition, to be turned into CLIL e-publications for Primary Teaching.

Follow Mª Jesús's board Infographics 4 CLIL e-Publications on Pinterest.
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Student Blogging Challenge - Week 5 Mission


Connecting 2015 #ictclil_urjc and 2015 Student Blogging Challenge is landing on week 5. The activities for this mission will go on until 19 April and t heir topic is Favourites.

Please check the Student Blogging Challenge 2015 main page and surf the activities your mentees should be accomplishing.

Please get in touch with me if:
  • you have been allocated blogs where you can't leave a comment,
  • your mentees are not replying to any of your comments  especially when you have asked a question,
  • your mentees have written no posts at all relating to the challenge,
  • your mentees still have the basic Hello World post.
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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Memories from Spring Blog Festival 2015

Spring Blog Festival (SBF) is a one day event that takes place every March 21. 

SBF15 took place on Saturday March 21, 2015.

The aim of the festival is to showcase bloggers and their work. This year, the event gathered speakers from various fields: Steven Downes, Norman Vaughan, Joanna Norton, Mary Hricko, Anita Zijdemans Boudreau, Karen Blumberg, Nancy Zingrone, Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan, Janet Salmons, Janet Bianchini, Vance Stevens, Dr Ebba Ossiannilsson, and myself.

For me, it was a special Spring Blog Festival this year, as I was co-moderating the event with Dr. Nellie Deutsch. I had taken part in Dr. Deutch's Blog Festivals before as a presenter, but being at the heart of it all was a real honour, and I do thank Dr. Nellie Deutch for that.

Besides, it was the first time I was going to present in front of the pre-service teachers I am supporting this year at the Master's Degree Module 'The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education' at URJC in Madrid, so I must confess that I was panicking at the beginning of it all, but looking forward to sharing their work at the Festival and making them aware of the importance of these live events, the importance of interacting and connecting with all these important speakers, who, if it were not for Internet and technologies, they would most surely not have the chance to meet.

After 15 exhausting but happy hours, keeping our fingers crossed for everything to go well, for every speaker to be comfortable and relaxed in the event conference area, for all the clips to work properly, for all the chats to be copied at the right time and the recordings to be screencasted at the exact minute each sessions started, following how well the #springblogfestival hashtag was doing at Twitter and hoping for it to become trending topic, I was absolutedly knocked out but ever so proud of having had such a wonderful webathon, having learned so much from other educators, having grabbed so many ideas to put into practice in class, having seen my students magnificently rising up to the challenge of attending live educational sessions on a Saturday, and having enjoyed every minute of it with Dr. Nellie, with whom I was connected in the back stage chatting real time, sorting issues out, sharing viewpoints, and, above all, having a wonderful personal relationship with a generous educator and warm peer.

So, I just hope all those who attended had such a great time as I did, enjoyed the sessions, and I am looking forward to meeting you all in the next Blog Festival.

Here you are the links to the webinars, recordings and content of the presentations, at the conference area, and below, you can view your favourite bits and pieces whenevery you like, as the Spring Blog Festival has its own YouTube playlist:

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Your Dreams Start Here

Back in January 2015, and after the great success of the Twima Project, Jonathan Smith got in touch with teachers in the world and announced the launch of #twima2.

As #twima had been such an amazing e-connected writing experience by the end of 2014, I had no doubt at all and accepted to be part of #twima2, this time jumping into a new adventure with a different group of writers: the pre-service teachers that I am supporting in their Master's Degree Module 'The Use of ICT and Web Resources in Primary Bilingual Education' at University in Madrid.

After almost a month sharing dreams in a Google Document, we have come up with a printable vesrsion of our contribution to the first stage of this international collaborative project, which we are sharing with you below:

Our next step is becoming part of the second stage of #twima2, which is starting right at the beginning of April, when 90 classes from various parts of the world are sharing ideas, knowledge, skills and technology in order to compile an iBook designed with iBooks Author, which will surely increase the interactivity and ease of transferring work to the final outcome.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of #twima2!

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Friday, 27 March 2015

Pretty Woman Revisited

Twenty five years enjoying Pretty Woman, one of the classics of cinema in the late twentieth century.

But, do you really know it all about this enchanting film that shows the American Dream every man and woman would like to live?

Even though you may have seen the film as often as I have, maybe in English, or maybe dubbed to your own language, or maybe subtitled; even though you might have spotted flaws in one or more scenes and showed off about it such as the croissant that becomes a tortilla for Vivian's breakfast, are you really a Pretty Woman Master?

Let's see!

Did you know that

  • Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were not the first choice for the film?
  • the movie was about to be called "$ 3,000"? Wonder why!
  • in the first version of the script, Vivian was addicted to drugs?
  • Julia Roberts was so skinny that it was decided to use a double with more "curves" for intimate scenes?
  • the legs we have all seen on the promo poster are not Julia Roberts' real legs but belong to a model?
  • the necklace that Edward gave Vivian was actually a real quarter of a million dollar one, guarded at all times during the filming? And that the actual snapping the box lid to catch Vivian's finger was improvised by Gere and was not in the original script altough it was later included in the final version of the tape?
  • the magnificent red dress every woman wanted to wear was first going to be black?
  • in the fight between Edward and his friend Stuckey, Richard Gere actually lost the crown of one of his teeth due to the struggle?
  • the scriptwriters first thought of returning Vivian to the streets and sending Edward back to New York with his girlfriend instead of ending the film with the romantic kiss that we all have had printed in our minds for the last 25 years?

    See how Julia Roberts and Richard Gere reenact Pretty Woman lines and read about the cast 25th reunion.

    Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Header image from Flickr by AlifiaCC BY 2.0
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    Thursday, 26 March 2015

    Enjoy your spring break!


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