Sunday, 20 April 2014

Supporting students to interview

Have a look at our tutorial explaining children how to conduct an interview!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Eva (Tutorial)

Hi, guys!
We have created a tutorial about how to make record (with you own voice) and paint, using two tolos or apps like "Audicity" and "Tux Paint", to draw and paint.

We hope you enjoy them!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Art and music in jars tutorial and activity

PowToon - Brings Awesomeness to your presentations Art and Music

Full info at Art and Music in Jars.

Art and Music in Jars has new tutorials for you!

New tutorials of Art and Music in Jars!!!!

Full information at Art and Music in Jars



A new tutorial and some activities of Art and Music in Jars

Hi guys!

We have created a tutorial about how to make presentations using Google Drive and two activities about musical instruments.

We hope you enjoy them!

Full info at Art & Music in Jars

Making presentations in Google Drive Activities about musical instruments

New tutorials of Art and Music in Jars

Hi everybody! We have two new tutorials ready for you!

In this tutorial that we have created using Screencast Matic and YouTube to upload the video, we teach you how to use a human-beat-box music making application online where you can create awsome songs!

We have made this tutorial using PowToon in which we show you how to use PsykoPaint, an online tool in which you can modify pictures in many different ways. 

We hope you enjoy it and try to become a great digital artist!

Full info at Art & Music in Jars.

Arts&music around the world project. Activities.

Hello everybody!

In this post we want to show you all the activities we have designed for our project. They are very interesting and varied! Have a look!

About Italy...
In this activity, the students will solve a treasure puzzle that has been made with a fantastic tool called jigsawplanet. This interesting application allows us to create our own puzzle. We expect you enjoy!
jigsaw puzzle world treasure :

If you click on the link below, you will find an amazing tutorial about how to create your own sculpture just with a mirror and few materials. Take a look!

Let’s discover Egypt!
Here you are two interesting activities about Egypt!
The first one is an online game in which pupils have to match different pictures about some traditional Egyptian aspects with their name. The game has been created with a tool called “purposegames”, in which you can create different games about the topic you prefer. Just click on the link and start to have fun while learning!

In the second activity, we challenge kids to write like in Ancient Egypt, using hieroglyphs.

It  is explained in this video:

The video has been created with Camtasia, the tool we used to create the trailer of our project some weeks ago. 

From New Zealand to the world!
We have created a crossword with an online tool, with simply vocabulary about New Zealand. They will have support for guessing those words.

Then children can learn how to dance "haka" as maori's warriors step by step, is super easy for them and they will enjoy imitating maoris.

Learn Haka Step by Step

About Brazil...
We have created two different and interesting activities.

In the first one, everyone will become dancers of Samba.
How to do it?
Here you can find a tutorial about how to dance Samba. I hope you like it and you want to do it!!
Click here:
Are you ready to dance Samba?

And in the other activity, you can do an interesting quiz in order to check how much you know about Brazil.
Enjoy it!

Let's Know about Brazil!

We hope you like all the activities we have created! :)

Full info at our Arts & Music Around The World e-project Blog.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Interactively Breaking Science

Hello kids! Today we are going to show you some apps and tools we have found for you.

Hello teachers! As you have read, you can also see the multimedia content in order to take information for your future lessons or activitites.

We hope you enjoy with our ideas!

Have a nice Easter holiday and break the science...


The tool we use in this activity is Blendspace. It is a project about the Seed Germination

Blendspace, is one of our new favorite presentation platform, this makes presentations incrementally more engaging!

Participants will need to login to participate in a presentation, but fear not!  You can use your Google Account to login.

You can choose varied layouts, be colorful and sequence your presentation the way you want it!  Here's what's awesome about the layout:  Not only can the participant play the slideshow in the order you sequence, they can also from the layout view, choose their own order.

The rubric that teachers can use in order to assess their students in this activity is the following one:

This activity is called "How does a tornado form"? The task has to be done in pairwork. The children will do step by step the different slides. They can look for the information when is needed in the Internet (for example, in the case of searching what are the most frequent places where a tornado occurs).

The  instructions are given through voice comments. Voicethread is a tool you can store as a iPhone or Android app. Also, it allows you combinationing visual and recorded media which is perfect for creating multimedia presentations in a relatively short time frame using simple tools. It also prompts students to think carefully about what they are going to say before recording themselves These are the main characterisitics of the VoiceThread. It is only an example how you as teacher can use this tool. The objective is that the children will make a VoiceThread themselves with the guidance of the teacher. It is easy to use, and the pupils find it motivating because they have to record their voices.



The app we have used is Voxopop. It is a useful tool for creating oral debates where students can develop opinion by debates with mates and teachers. We have created a talkgroup with the name of "Breaking Science Group" and you can discuss about our next project: Earth's Day.

The rubric teacher can use is the next one:


Pinterest is a fantastic tool where everybody can "Pin" whatever you want. You can use it properly where you create folders or spaces with different information, pics, videos, etc. Students can research and add if they want!Use it and enjoy!

The model of an assessment for students is this one:

In this activity the kids will answer to a test about the countries in Europe, a regular test usually made with a worksheet but this time we use the ICT adventages. This way, the activity is more attractive for the students. This test appears on the Spanish test CDI and this contents are quite important.
To solve the activity they have to press 'start' and the timer will start and they will have to press the dot related to the country appearing on the screen.
Countries activity -
 Rubric -

6. Quiz Beans

Rubri -

This activity is done to review some contents they have acquired.
It is an alternative way to check the unit knowledge using ICT.
The pupil will answer with YES or NO if the affirmation is true or not.

Quiz activity -


Full info at Breaking Science Blog.

Two New Storybird Books

Book ME-Library's two newest books for kids. Still Learning and A Typical Tuesday are two fun and easy to read books designed for younger kids (ages 6-9). With wonderful pictures provided using the Storybird tool and illustrations by HedgehogsandCo and nidhiart (respectively), these books are meant to educate young readers using repetition, key phrases, and both past and present tenses. As always, comments are appreciated. Hope you enjoy!
Still Learning

(Click on either of the book covers to head straight to the E-book!)

Typical Tuesday